The students Mr.Vimal kumar, Bharathidasan University, Mr. Vivek Kumar Pandy from IIT, Mumbai has arrived Japan on 21st May 2012. They have started Analysis on Water, like pH, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, COD analysis by Mn method, Cr Method. Fluoride analysis and treatment by Japanese technology.

Following that, They are scheduled to go to respctive team to learn the Water treatment technology for waste water, sewage water and drinking water in Treatment plant and maintenance department at Hiyoshi Corporation for Vivek Kumar Pandey. Mr. Vimal Kumar will get training on Dioxin analysis in Indian food sample and ash sample by using CALUX technology(BIO ASSAY). Some of the photo taken during their training program.
















Nitrogen measurement by Spectorphotometry
Vivek Kumar pandey doing TN analysis in drinking water 

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