Hiyoshi Internship Training 2012 – BDF production and analysis


Training on BDF production and its analysis

The Indian Interns, Ms.Akila Ram, Mr.Vimal Kumar, Mr.Vivek Kumar Pandey, who have been taking training at Hiyoshi Corporation from 22nd May to 17th July. Last week, they were gettting learning on process of BDF production by using the BDF production Instrument at Pilot plant, where they have learnt the technology and skills of BDF production with high efficiency(100%) and High recovery(above 95%).

Following the BDF product, they have done analysis like ACID test, FFA test, Moisuture test, etc. on BDF for checking the quality and composition. They have got training on using the Kerl-Fisher Instrument at Hiyoshi corporation by Mr.Shunkei Ko, Mr.Nakamura, who are expert on BDF production. They have also done those analysis on BDF product.

The some of the photo which taken while BDF production and Analysis.




Ms.Akila Ram who did analysis of FFA on BDF product by titration method

Ms.Akila ram is checking the Moisture measurement on BDF

Mr.Pandey is checking the Moisture measurement on BDF

Sample injecting into Kerl-Fisher instrument






Speech Contest 2012 (Talk Your Way to Japan) has been announced and will be conducted at ABK-AOTS Dosokai Tamil Nadu centre, Chennai.  Speech contest on Tamil, English and Japanese language be conducted in Auguest and September 2012. The interested candidate are kindly asked to contact the below address for futher information.


No. 37 (110), 3rd Floor, Chateau D’Ampa,

Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai,

Chennai – 600 029, Tamilnadu, India

Tel.: 2374 3575 / 0318

Catagory 1: Tamil 1 contest for Corporation School in Chennai

Catagory 2: Tamil 2 contest for all students from Government/Private school in Tamilnadu

Catagory 3: English contest for all students from Government/Private College/University in Tamilnadu

Catagory 3: English contest for all Students from Government/Private College/University in Tamilnadu

Catagory 4: Japanese contest for all.

The first prize winners in each catagories will be given 2 weeks of trip to Japan sponsored by Hiyoshi corporation, Japan. The 4 winners who have got selected for 1st prize are scheduled to leave for Japan on October month 2012.

The prize distribution ceremony will be held on 15th Sep at ABK-AOTS Dosokai Tamilnadu centre, Chennai. Prize for winners will be distributed by  Chief Guest.


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