Completion of Hiyoshi Internship Training 2012


Completion of Hiyoshi internship training program 2012

Hiyoshi Internship program 2012 has been successfully completed. The Indian Interns, Ms.Akila Ram, Mr.Vimal Kumar, Mr.Vivek Kumar Pandey had been invited to Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan and underwent industrial training from 20th May 2012 to 17th July 2012, about 2month period. They have learned advanced technology method to measure the environmental sample and training on Waste water treatment technology by visiting real plant.

They submitted the final presentation at Hiyoshi Corporation on end of the training and they had been given Farewell pary by Hiyoshi Corporation. The final presentation at Hiyoshi and Farewell pary photo are posted here.


The above photo taken during Internship completion certificate was given to interns by company Technical director.


They have safely returned back to India. They have learned the new technology at Hiyoshi corporation by using their Summer vacation holiday, We hope that they would utilize these knowledge/technology to work on betterment of Enviromental in the future.

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