Hiyoshi Internship 2013 – Result Announcement


 Result Announcement – Hiyoshi Internship 2013

Hiyoshi Corporation has received more application forms this year for Hiyoshi Internship 2013 from student of different college/university/institution in different parts of the India, who interested to take internship program at Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan.

Selection committee for Internship at Hiyoshi Corporation has conducted careful review of all application and supporting document submitted by student, followed by many round of Interview, the below students has been selected for Hiyoshi Internship 2013.


1. Ms.Janani Sridar – B.Tech, Biotechnology at Sri Venkatateswara College of Engineering

2. Mr.Keerthan Ravi –B.Tech, Biotechnology at IIT Madras

3. Mr.Dhivaahar Yokanathan – B.Tech, Chemical Engineering at Anna University


The above selected students are expected to attend 2 month Industrial training program from May to July at Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan.

Thank you for all the applicant for applying for the Hiyoshi Internship 2013 and also kindly do circulate the information of Hiyoshi Internship program to your institution/University/College and junior/senior student to be aware to apply coming year.

We would expect more application form in coming years from your institution/University/college.

Date: 4th Feb 2013


Hiyoshi International Internship program 2013


Hiyoshi International Internship program 2013


Hiyoshi started on 1st September 2012 to receive the application form for 7th Hiyoshi’ International internship program – 2013  from students. The application submission was closed on 31st December 2012. Hiyoshi have received more application form from the students of many institute/University/College in Tamilnadu, Kerala,  AP, Karnataka, and all over the India. Based the submitted application form with supporting document, scrutinized by selection committee. The first round Interview was conducted in January month.

The final result for Hiyoshi Internship Program 2013 will be announced in Hiyoshi India Website, in end of 2nd week of February month 2013. The selected student will be informed through their Email ID. All applicants are kindly asked to check their Emails in regular basis and Hiyoshi India Website also.

Hiyoshi and Hiyoshi India has deeply submitted its gratitude and thankfulness to professor and incharge of all University/institution/colleges for their support and recommend their students. Hiyoshi is looking forward more application form from your university/college in coming year.


(Note: In connection with Final result for Hiyoshi Internship, Please do not make call to Hiyoshi India)

Date: 1st Feb 2013

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