Comments from Interns of India – 2014


 Hiyoshi Internship program 2014 – Interns’ feelings and comments


My internship experience in Hiyoshi ( July, 2014):

I am Dhivya S pursuing, extremely glad to be one of the interns from India and I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to Hiyoshi Corporation for permitting me to undergo 2 months internship in Japan. It was my first trip abroad and I would treasure it forever. I really enjoyed and learned a lot in Japan as well as in Hiyoshi.

Hiyoshi was extravagantly caring for me. I admire the planning, time management and well equipped staffs and laboratory. My UG major was in Civil Engineering and so I didn’t learn much about environmental engineering. Only for past 1 year am indulged in this field and so this internship was really useful for me. I like to pursue my career in waste water treatment and Hiyoshi has given me a very good basics and platform for it. Am really blessed to get such good teachers to teach me well and make me understand the basic concepts.


Apart from training I also got to know how to plan things and manage time. As we were also given a chance to cook ourselves, it was an overall training not only in technical aspects but also for personal life. There was nothing to complain about, in any aspect. I would like to work with it in some possible way so the relation is continued for ever. I awfully miss the days spent there. I went there with a little fear that what am going to do in an unknown country with unknown language. But now I could say I have lived in a safest place for two months and am came back to my country with lots and lots of memories. Japan has helped to discover myself that I can enjoy my travel in solitude too. The ever smiling character of the people and their greetings will surely be missed.


Internship at Hiyoshi-An epitome of learning:

I am Sakthivel.  The internship program turned out to be a great experience in terms of learning advanced analytical techniques in the field of dioxin analysis. The inspiring Japanese working style not only enhanced my analytical knowledge but also brushed up my technical skills. I was amazed to see their immense dedication towards work, day-in day-out. On an interesting note, the daily routine of the employees intrigued me. An employee leaving office says “I’m sorry to leave before you(Osakini shitsureishimasu)” to the colleagues which shows their passion towards work and responsibility towards organization.

Hiyoshi is currently involved in many ecological services staying a step ahead in the dynamic environment. This internship certainly helped to complete few of my research goals and envision my future research objectives. For all the hours that I spent in this area of research Hiyoshi happened to be a dream come true.



I am planning to continue in this field of research but an opportunity to work for environmental services company would still be a top priority. I finally convey my heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to Hiyoshi.










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