Hiyoshi Award 2014 – Comments and feelings from Environmental winner


Hiyoshi Environmental Award 2014 – Comments from Winners


Feelings and comments regarding Hiyoshi Environmental award from Award Winner 2014:

Over the years, I am actively engaged in environment research. I received a mail from Hiyoshi Corporation Japan for Outstanding contribution to applied study for Environmental Conservation and Protection four years before (2010). Before I applied I gone through the website and I understood it is a very prestigious award because they selected awardees from all over the India.

I applied at that time for Hiyoshi young leaf award with 40-50 research publications and I have been selected for the award. It initiates me to do research further in the environmental field. After 4 years I applied once again for the Environmental award with increasing my research publications (127) by three fold. Once again I have been honored by Hiyoshi Corporation Japan. I have been very much thankful to them. This once again pushes me to work hard in this research area.

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Message from President Murata on 20th Anniversary of Speech Contest(TALK YOUR WAY TO JAPAN)

Every year, Hiyoshi corporation has been conducting speech contest in Chennai, Tamilnadu along with ABK-AOTS tamilnadu Centre, This year is 20th Anniversary of speech contest(talk your way to japan). This speech contest has given chance to student to talk about environmental and work in the future for Indian environmental conservation. ! ! We have specially prepared the our president message in English, Tamil, Japanese.

Message is given below:


வணக்கம். I am very happy to see you all and glad to invite you all to this event “Talk your way to Japan”.

Mr. Suzuki, Chairman of Hiyoshi Corporation, and Mr. M.R.Ranganathan, Chairman of ABK AOTS DOSOKAI TAMILNADU CENTRE, Chennai, have started this speech contest event as Joint program of 20th Anniversary of ABK AOTS in 1995. We are now celebrating 20th anniversary of the speech contest.

Every year, four students from India who won the air ticket have been visiting Japan for two weeks for environmental education and cultural exchange. So far, Hiyoshi have received more than 70 students from India as speech contest winners.


India is the second most populated rich country and becoming economically powerful country in the world. According to the survey report, India is expected to become the 3rd strongest economic country in the world, next to the United States and China in 2025, if no abnormal happening such as natural disaster etc.

If India becomes the 3rd position in economy, everyone’s life becomes promised wealth, abundance and happy, however, at the same time, there is strong sense of responsibility and duty to conserve the environment from pollution.

So far I have visited India for more than 10 times, since 1980s, I feel the environment in India getting worsen due to the industrialization and keep focusing only on economic growth.

I am happy to see all young people coming here to talk about environment. I feel Indian environment in the future will become bright and clean with your thoughts and action.


If we see our history in Japan, there was environmental pollution due to the high economic growth in 1960s-1980s. We had spent huge amount of money and time to restore our environment back in good condition.

Based on our experience, I strongly recommend you to keep paying serious attention to environmental conservation along with Economic growth.

The MUNASINGHE TUNNEL introduced by an Indian says that during high economic growth of a country, the country has been heavily polluted due to the industrialization and disinterest of environmental care. The MUNASINGHE TUNNEL which help country to understand the importance of the environment. X-axis represent economic development and Y-axis for environmental degradation (pollution). If country moves towards the high economic development, it must face environmental pollution but it can be avoided by understanding and paying serious attention with dedicated action against environmental pollution like tunnel crossing.

                MUNASINGHE TUNNEL


On January 2011, we have established Hiyoshi India Ecological services Pvt. Ltd. in Chennai, as environmental services company, providing job opportunity to all who has ambition and interested to work in environmental field for conservation of Indian environment. Hiyoshi India provides total environmental support such as Environmental measurement & analysis, water quality analysis, soil analysis etc., drinking water and sewage water treatment plant maintenance and operation, conservation activity etc.

Hiyoshi India door is always open for all. You can come and work along with our Japanese staff and Indian staff to make environmental conservation services. Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan shall provide constant support to Hiyoshi India in all the technical aspect and teach our know-how and knowledge which we gained from our 60 years of experience in Japan.

If necessary, Hiyoshi India’s staff will be given training in Japan and can gain experience, which will help them to do best work and smart way to provide solution to the environment conservation in India through Hiyoshi India.



In order to provide chance to students, this speech contest event held every year has been conducted for you all to talk and think on environmental conservation.

We have established Hiyoshi India providing total environmental support. We are now providing opportunity through this speech contest to all of you to work in Hiyoshi India and do action on environmental protection.

It would be greatly happy if you could bring it in your action.


I hope India shall become environmentally clean country, good public health with economic growth by all of your action. All the best for your today speech contest. Hope to see you soon in Japan. Best of Luck! ! ! நன்றி !

Auguest 23, 2014,


Note: The message can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the follwoign link.

Tamil:  http://hiyoshi-india.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/MESSAGE-IN-TAMIL.pdf

English:  http://hiyoshi-india.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/MESSAGE-IN-ENGLISH.pdf

Japanese:  http://hiyoshi-india.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/MESSAGE-IN-JAPANESE.pdf



Hiyoshi Award 2014 – Result Announcement


Hiyoshi Award 2014 – Result Announcement


Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan has received many application forms from many applicants who have done novel research in the field of environmental betterment in India. The application forms with supporting document were carefully examined by the judges in India and Japan.

After the evaluation scores received from the judges and scrutinized by Award management, and we are hereby pleased to  announce the result of Hiyoshi Environmental Award 2014.

Names of the award winners are given below:


 1. Dr.S.Anandan                    –    Hiyoshi Environmental Award  2014

2. Dr.Neeta P Thacker            –   Hiyoshi Think of Ecology Award 2014

3. Dr.Tirthankar Banerjee     –    Hiyoshi Young Leaf Award 2014.


Photo of Award winners:


Dr.S.Anandan                                                               Dr.Tirthankar Banerjee    


(Award winners and all the applicants will be intimated through E-mail by us and invitation also will be sent to everyone).

We also thank all the Judges for their continued support to Hiyoshi Environmental Award evaluation every year and  ABK-AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu centre, Chennai for their continued support for the same.

The invitation for Hiyoshi Environmental Award will be sent to the entire applicants and the award winners shortly. The award winners are kindly requested to be present in the award giving ceremony held in ABK AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu centre, Chennai on 20.09.2014.

All the applicants and the award winners are kindly asked to be present in the award giving ceremony held in below address:

37(110), 3rd Floor, Chateau D’Ampa,
Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai,
Chennai – 600 029, Tamilnadu, India
Tel.: +91-44-4305-1111; Fax.: +91-44-2374-3575;
We hereby have submitted our humble thanks to all the applicants, who have sent their application form with supporting document to ABK-AOTS Dosokai, Tamilnadu, Chennai. Looking forward to your same support and more number of application forms from you all in coming years….

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