Hiyoshi Award 2014 – Comments and feelings from Environmental winner


Hiyoshi Environmental Award 2014 – Comments from Winners


Feelings and comments regarding Hiyoshi Environmental award from Award Winner 2014:

Over the years, I am actively engaged in environment research. I received a mail from Hiyoshi Corporation Japan for Outstanding contribution to applied study for Environmental Conservation and Protection four years before (2010). Before I applied I gone through the website and I understood it is a very prestigious award because they selected awardees from all over the India.

I applied at that time for Hiyoshi young leaf award with 40-50 research publications and I have been selected for the award. It initiates me to do research further in the environmental field. After 4 years I applied once again for the Environmental award with increasing my research publications (127) by three fold. Once again I have been honored by Hiyoshi Corporation Japan. I have been very much thankful to them. This once again pushes me to work hard in this research area.

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