Tamil I Speech Contest – Result and Photo


Talk your way to Japan – Tamil I Speech Contest:  Result and Photo

Since 1995, on 20th Anniversary of ABK – AOTS DOSOKAI, Tamil Nadu centre and Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan are jointly organizing a Speech contest for students in Tamil Nadu, India. Since then, sponsored by Hiyoshi Corporation, the speech contest are being held by ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI every year. 

The purpose of this speech contest is to develop Japan-India cultural relationship and to raise questions about environmental destructions. The contests for school/college students will be held in Tamil, English and Japanese in 4 category and the 4 first prize winners gets a free ticket to fly Japan for 2 weeks of environmental study and cultural exchange.

Tamil I Speech Contest 2014 for Chennai corporation school level was held on 23rd(Sat)  Aug 2014 at ABK – AOTS DOSOKAI, Tamil Nadu Centre, Chennai. Around 25 students have been participated from morethan 10 Government and Chennai Corporation Schools inside the Chennai, Tamilnadu. This Speech Contest contained 2 rounds, one is Preliminary round in morning session and the Second round is Final round in afternoon session. We had 3 Judges in a panel, 2 different panel of Judges for Preliminary and Final round. The topic of the Speech Contest is

“What will be the gift we will be giving for the present and future generations because our destructive activities of the environment? 

சுற்றுப்புற சூழலை அழிக்கும் நமது நடவடிக்கைகளால் நாம் இன்றையதலைமுறைக்கும்,
வருங்கால தலைமுறைக்கும் தரப்போகின்ற பரிசு என்ன?

In Preliminary round, above 25 students participated from morethan 10 Schools and from this 8 students were selected from Preliminary round and entered into final round in afternoon session. In this 8 students have given 8 different topics in lot method. From this 3 Students have been selected as prize winners like I, II and III place.

After completion of the contest, Judges announced the result. The winners are in the order of I, II and III

1. First Prize:         Ms. P. Vana Selvi – XII std. – Jaigopal Garodia Government Girls Hr. Sec. School,
                                   Choolaimedu, Chennai – 94

2. Second Prize:    Ms. T. Divya – XII std. – Chennai Girls Hr. Sec. School, Perambur, Chennai – 11

3. Third Prize:       Ms. N. Kavitha – XII std. – Jaigopal Garodia Government Girls Hr. Sec. School,
                                    Virugumbakkam, Chennai – 92



The photo taken during Speech contest is as follows.




















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