Our Vision

hiyoshi india Ecologcal Servoces Private Limited During the high economic growth period in Japan in 1950s environmental pollution came to serious issue and vast amount of time, cost, and power were needed for the remediation of the pollution.

And now India, one of the world highly and rapidly growing country, is also facing serious pollution issue and rapid measurement need to be taken to avoid repeating Japanese history. Although environmental pollution affect people’s healthy life, it is the most important and high priority issue, since measurement against environmental pollution is costly but generate no profit, it tends to be putted off.

HIYOSHI Corporation having 50 years of experience in dealing with environmental issue in Japan and with abounding knowledge and experience, we can provide comprehensive services.

History Background

HIYOSHI INDIA ECOLOGICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has established in 2011 as a subsidiary company of Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan.

The slogan of Hiyoshi Corporation is conceptwhich means "No Company can exist without social contribution and competence".

Based on the slogan, Hiyoshi has devoted for more than 50 years in changing for the better environment and at present Hiyoshi have about 200 official business accreditations and 2000 personal certifications. Furthermore for concept or for social contribution, we have continued over 20 years of international contribution especially in India.

So with such firm techniques and knowledge which Hiyoshi has developed HIYOSHI INDIA ECOLOGICAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED has established for India’s better life and better environment.
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Company Profile

Year of Establishment: 4th January 2011
Board of Directors:
Toshihiko Suzuki

Toshihiko Suzuki

Shunkei Ko

Shunkei Ko

Address: Registered Office:
No.37 (110), 3rd Floor, Chateau D'Ampa, Nelson Manickam Road, Aminjikarai,
Chennai - 600 029, Tamilnadu, India
Tel. No.: +91 - 44 - 4305 1111
Testing Unit:
Module No: 201 & 202,2nd Floor, TICEL Biopark Ltd.,
Taramani Road (CSIR Road),Taramani, Chennai - 600 113, Tamilnadu,
India (Near Ascendas lT Park building)
Tel. No.: +91 - 44 - 2254 1016
Contact Details: Tel.No.+91-44-4305-1111 Tel.No.+91-44-2254-1016
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