Application for Hiyoshi India Internship Program is now open.
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We welcome you to the Hiyoshi International Internship Program for Indian students.
Hiyoshi has had cordial relationship with India for more than 20 years. Since then, we have accepted more than 50 trainees and interns. Hiyoshi started this Internship Program for the young students in India to give them an opportunity to increase their environmental awareness and knowledge because they will be the next generation.

Result Announcement – Hiyoshi International Internship Program 2017

  1. Ms.NANDHINI SRINIVASAN– 1st year M.E, Environmental Engineering at Anna University,Guindy,Chennai – 600 025,Tamil Nadu
  2. Ms.NIVETHA THYAGARAJAN – 2nd year B.Tech, Chemical Engineering, Kalavakkam, Tamil Nadu

Past Interns and Trainees

Since 1998, we have had almost 200 interns and trainees from more than 17 different countries. Past Interns and Trainees

Press release and Comment from past interns

Past Interns and Trainees

My internship experience in Hiyoshi ( June, 2008)
I was really glad to be selected for the Hiyoshi Indo – Japan International Internship program. This was the first foreign trip and an excellent opportunity for under graduate student like me to work in a different country. I felt that I was really lucky to work with Japanese and learn their technology. I liked the way Japanese approach their work and projects. Whatever be the work, I observed Japanese were really punctual and honest. I learnt to implement their work principles and their way of sorting out problems. I never had any type of problem in my labs or at home. Hiyoshi provided us all the facilities which we required and we had nothing to complain. Hiyoshi took good care of us. We had regular meeting with our manager and we were able to discuss our feelings, grievances, problems with him open hearted. Regarding our lab, I have never seen such a well organized, highly sophisticated lab with complete safety features in my life. I was very enthusiastic to work in such kind of labs. Our instructors were really kind, nice and spent most of their time teaching us the technology and other important things we were supposed to know. I am proud to be associated with Hiyoshi and I’m looking forward in future to work with such a wonderful company. I’m really missing Hiyoshi and the days, which I have spent there.

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